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Medical Services


General practitioner care including:


*   Strep tests

*   Doctor's notes

*   Allergy and B12 shots

*   Birth control shots

*   Pregnancy tests

*   Specialist referrals

*   Medication review and renewals

*   Urinalysis (bladder infections)

*   Requisitions for blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, scans



And book ahead for these visits:


*   Medical advice for travelers

*   MTO physicals

*   Work physicals

*   School forms

Dr. Hasspieler


1950 Algonquin Avenue

Suite 305

North Bay, ON P1B 4Z2


Tel:   705-495-0300

Fax:  705-495-8400




Office Hours


Book appointments Monday through Friday by calling us at:


Tel:  705-495-0300



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